Deer Isle
Deer Isle

Deer Isle is one of two towns (the other is Stonington) on the island of Deer Isle which is linked to the mainland by a bridge. Deer Isle has a tiny village of a few shops and a historic inn. Its convoluted and scenic coastline is home to fisherman, artists, retirees, writers and a good many people who live by doing "this or that" in the manner of generations who came before. Bicyclists and kayakers can find quiet spots to explore and shoppers will enjoy visiting artists and craftspeople in their studios, often in a barn attached the house. Summer is the busiest season with gallery openings, church suppers, auctions, weekend festivals or boat trips, guided walks, lectures and performances at the Stonington Opera House or the Reach Performing Arts Center.  Make sure to check out the Deer Isle Lighthouse Trail where you can see 8 area lighthouses and get your lighthouse passport stamped for each of them!  Visitors are welcome to share in it all.

Deer Isle-Stonington Chamber of Commerce

East Penobscot Bay Association

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