The Bold Coast Scenic Byway
The Bold Coast Scenic Byway

Maine Scenic Byway

The Bold Coast Scenic Byway is a 125-mile journey—stretching from the fishing community of Milbridge through coastal and riverine villages to Lubec, the easternmost point of land in the U.S.—that takes in the heart of DownEast Maine.

Our stunning seascape features waves crashing on the granite shore, weathered wharfs, lobster boats plying the sea, clam diggers working the mudflats. Imagine the nation’s first sun rising on the Atlantic Ocean’s distant horizon, casting light on a candy-striped lighthouse or original wooden fish-packing factories. The inland side of the drive is equally awe-inspiring. Blueberry barrens, in gorgeous maroon and purple, stretch over rippling landscapes, interspersed with farms and boulder fields. Authentic fishing villages date back generations to the early days of fishing, shipbuilding, and lumbering. Residents, passionate about the preservation of their communities, are eager to introduce visitors to a way of life that’s plainspoken and full of DownEast humor.

Thanks to U.S., Canadian, and tribal partnerships, we offer a wealth of recreational opportunities that include plenty of good eating, great brew stops, galleries and shops, historic districts, and festivals. Our hiking, bicycling, paddling, whale watching, and ATV trails are just the start of an outdoor adventure. We’ve got the adventure for you!

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