What visit to Maine would be complete without a lobster feast, at a public supper, in an elegant restaurant or by the sea? For the adventurous there is even lobster ice cream! Winter Harbor hosts a Lobster Festival every August too. With lobster fishermen in every village, you will see that fishing is a way of life for our communities -- the Downeast Fisheries Trail highlights the many aspects of our fisheries traditions.

Scenic Vistas

Spectacular scenery, sweeping vistas, and accessibility of the outdoors are some of what makes our region so special. Acadia National Park is known around the world and we are home to numerous state parks and preserves as well with unrivaled scenery and the chance to enjoy nature. Meander along our Scenic Byways for breathtaking scenes and discoveries off the beaten path.


Getting out on the water is the quintessential way to enjoy the vast coastal length and inland waterways of the DownEast Acadia.

Schoodic Peninsula

The Schoodic Peninsula section of Acadia National Park offers an unspoiled experience with rugged scenery, thick forest, weathered red granite formations, and the crashing sea beyond.

Scenic Vistas
Schoodic Peninsula
True Maine
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The glories of warm sun-filled summer days and breeze-cooled evenings. Hills ablaze with color and brilliant, canopied roads as Fall rolls in. Winter draped shores and lanes where the peace and solitude are broken only by the sigh of the wind and the crunch of the snow underfoot. The cycle of nature starts again with Spring's first blooms. The peaceful sound of waves lapping the shoreline. The fun of a local festival filled with food, music, and local character. The thrill of experiencing nature up close. These are the indelible experiences that define True Maine.

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