Schoodic to Jonesport

Schoodic to Jonesport

Bold Coastline and Blueberry Barrens.

Gorgeous scenery spans a huge variety of terrain, from the deep forested evergreen forests and distinctive pink-gray granite outcroppings that define the Bold Coast to endless blueberry barrens clothed in magenta hues each autumn. A place that begs you to cast your plans aside and just go. Carpeted with towering woodlands and secluded lakes. Enjoy Schoodic Peninsula’s more remote section of Acadia National Park for an unspoiled experience of the coast. Rustic fishing villages, friendly folk, downeast-inspired art, and locally sourced food all beckon you to explore.

Towns/Areas of Note

  • Winter Harbor
  • Cherryfield
  • Milbridge
  • Jonesport
  • Columbia Falls
  • Corea

Top Things To Do

  • Schoodic National Scenic Byway
  • Bold Coast Scenic Byway
  • Blackwoods Scenic Byway
  • McClellan Park, Milbridge
  • Schoodic, Acadia National Park
  • Cherryfield Historic District
  • Maine Coastal Island Wildlife Refuge
  • Ruggles House, Columbia Falls
  • Maine Island Trail

Annual Events

  • Annual Smelt Fry, Columbia Falls, April
  • Jonesport Beals Lobster Boat Races, July
  • Puckerbrush Primitive Festival, Columbia Falls, July
  • Winter Harbor Lobster Festival, Winter Harbor, August