Top 5 Unique Things about DownEast Acadia

Top 5 Unique Things about DownEast Acadia

1. First Light – We are the easternmost point of land in the U.S., so the sun rises on us before anywhere else in the nation

2. Mountains on the Sea – We boast a rocky coast, the highest tides in the U.S., a unique coastal forest ecology, foggy mornings and salty air, and remote coastal trail networks with primitive seaside camping.

3. Scenic Byways and Trails – Our extensive network includes four scenic byways and nine self-guided trails.

4. Three-Nation Vacation – Two international parks, Roosevelt Campobello International Park and Saint Croix Island International Historic Site, and two Indian reservations link experiences across three distinct yet interrelated cultures.

5. Nature-Based Experiences – Authentic and personal experiences with real people, in a region best-known for blueberries, lobster, and holiday wreaths.