Alison Chase/Performance

Alison Chase/Performance is a dance theater company based in Brooksville, Maine.
Alison Chase/Performance

Founded in 2009 by Alison Chase, Alison Chase/Performance is a dance theater company
dedicated to the development of dramatic forms of physical expression, breaking down
the barriers between the traditionally separate fields of dance, theater, and performance
art—bringing together accomplished dancers and actors, musicians, and artists to create
innovative works for the stage and site-specific locales. The company creates both
repertory dances and full-length multi-media dance theater pieces for proscenium and
black box theaters, as well as site-specific installation works. Through performances,
educational outreach programs, creativity and movement classes, Alison
Chase/Performance seeks to engage and inform audiences in communities throughout
Maine, New England, and beyond. The company is based in Brooksville, Maine.

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