Family Friendly Fishing Trips on the Islander

Frenchman Bay Fishing Trips - Family Friendly!
Family Friendly Fishing Trips on the Islander

We offer 4 hour fishing trips in Frenchman Bay, Bar Harbor. Sailing 8am Daily June 15th to September 7th, these are great family trips! We stay in Frenchman Bay where we fish for Cod, Harbor Pollock and Mackerel. We fish with jigs on light tackle making kids and adults alike feel like champion anglers! Our experienced deckhands will help you land your catch and take the fish off your line. We'll even fillet and bag your catch for you! This is also a great trip to see some of Frenchman Bay and it's abundance of wildlife and scenic views. Don't be surprised if you spot seals and eagles while out there!
During July and August we also offer 1:00pm trips Monday through Saturday (4 Hours) and evening fishing on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 5:30pm (3 Hours).

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