Eat and Stay

A visit to DownEast Acadia isn’t just about where you go and what you do; a big part is what you eat and where you stay the night. The region is known for its lobster and wild blueberries, but it also offers a diverse range of dining options and cuisines alongside local beer, wine, and foods. Best of all, there are lodging options for every preference and budget throughout the region—all committed to making your time here unforgettable.

“My tastes are simple, I am easily satisfied with the best.”

— Winston Churchill

Lobster Roll

There’s nothing quite like a Maine lobster, fresh from the ocean, cooked up rich and sweet, whether boiled, in a stew, or on a toasted bun with butter.

Vacation Cottage Porch

We have dining and lodging options for all tastes ranging from simple and rustic to full-service experiences of a lifetime.

Raking Maine wild blueberries during harvest.

The wild blueberry is the official state fruit of Maine, and most certainly the folks of DownEast Acadia are “wild” for the dark blue gems. 

Strong Brewing Pint

Raise a glass to the brewers and vintners of DownEast Acadia. Seven breweries–in ten locations–plus four wineries span the region.

Comfy Beds at Weatherbys

Imagine a rustic cabin and lodge set amidst Maine’s deep woods, a lake at your doorstep, the aroma of wood smoke in the air. 

Planning Tools

To help you plan your trip we provide  information on drive time and distances to and around the region. Plus info on other commercial transportation options.

Once you arrive in DownEast Acadia, you will want to access local sources of visitor information, state laws, recreation rules, and road conditions.

To help you pack or plan your day, check out the current weather in the region or learn about year-round averages of temperature and precipitation.

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