Puckerbrush Primitive Gathering

Puckerbrush is a celebration of traditional archery, bushcraft, art, survival, outdoors, and ancestral skills. It is an opportunity for people with a diverse range of backgrounds and a shared interest in an older, simpler way of doing things to gather, both sharing and learning skills. This is very much a “hands on” event, kids of all ages are encouraged to get their hands dirty and have fun! While instruction is a big part of the event, just as importantly we encourage interaction between all attendees with a goal of growing the skills based community.

• Knife Making • Traditional Canoe Construction • Bowmaking Friction Fire workshop • Plantwalk • Knots & ropework • Buckskin preparation • Natural cordage • Knives and Knife safety • Axes and axe safety • Blacksmithing • Flint Knapping • Archery range • Tracking workshop • Evening astronomy • Pottery • Knife & axe throwing • Trade blanket • Rabbit stick throwing • Semi permanent shelter construction • Cast iron cooking • Canoe poling • Green woodworking • Timber framing • Have fun • Make new friends • Share your skills