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DownEast Acadia is known for its spectacular landscapes and seemingly endless outdoor recreation opportunities. Many are now discovering that the region also offers a wide variety of dining options, cultural experiences, shopping for locally made items, self-guided tours of historical, culinary, and unique natural features.

Seek adventures that open your mind.

Autumn Hike in Acadia

DownEast Acadia has hundreds of miles of coastal and inland trails for visitors to discover. Bring water, plan for the weather, and hike together.

Bike on a rocky beach

The roads and backroads of DownEast Acadia continually attract cyclists‚ÄĒon their own, in tour groups, or as part of a larger ride.

Campground on Somes Sound

Visitors will find campgrounds with gorgeous views of oceans, lakes, and mountains in secluded locations and nearby cities and towns.

Fishing in the Grand Lakes

Visitors to DownEast Acadia will find outstanding opportunities for freshwater fishing on our lakes and ponds and saltwater fishing. 

kayaking in Frenchman Bay

The best way to enjoy the sights and sounds of the coastline and inland waterways of DownEast Acadia is to get out on the water.

West Quoddy Head Light and the Milky Way ©AdamWoodworth

You will find some of the country’s darkest skies here in DownEast Acadia allowing visitors to spot millions of stars and the Northern Lights. 

Native Basket Market at the Abbe Museum

DownEast Acadia has an arts and culture scene that goes back generations to the region’s Native American communities. 

McCurdy's Smokehouse in Downtown Lubec

Each mile of our coast and every harbor, dock and weather shack tell of our long, hardworking maritime history. 

Tide pooling off Seawall

Discover an inland paradise filled with outdoor recreation opportunities. Grand Lake Stream is legendary for its fly fishing.

Maine Loon

Discover unspoiled nature at its best as you spot the local wildlife. Plus, DownEast Acadia is one of North America’s top birding destinations.

Planning Tools

To help you plan your trip we provide  information on drive time and distances to and around the region. Plus info on other commercial transportation options.

Once you arrive in DownEast Acadia, you will want to access local sources of visitor information, state laws, recreation rules, and road conditions.

To help you pack or plan your day, check out the current weather in the region or learn about year-round averages of temperature and precipitation.

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