Jonesport Historical Society

Jonesport History Museum and Heritage Center

The Jonesport Historical Society was established in 2003 to preserve the rich history of this seafaring community. It is located at 21 Sawyer Square in Jonesport, in a historic building erected in 1896, which was originally the D.J. & E.M. Sawyer Store.

The museum contains a large collection of artifacts, and a huge collection of documents, from the era when the store housed a ships chandlery, bank and customs office.

The heritage center consists of three computer databases; Genealogy, Cemeteries, and Archives. Each database has a user-friendly menu for either browsing or searching information by key words.

The Genealogy database contains information on more than 80,000 people, dating back to ancestors of the first settlers of the Jonesport-Beals area. The Cemeteries database contains information on 4300 graves, including photos of gravestones and deceased, obituary columns and funeral registers. The Archives database is a collection of more than 14,000 photos, 3500 pages of newspaper articles, 19,000 pages of documents and other text, and more than 450 video clips that run a total of 15 hours.