Maine-ly Sticks & Stumps

Professionally hand carved faces in sticks and stumps

Maine-ly Sticks & Stumps

Jon LeClair is a professional woodcarver living in Cutler, Maine. Using mostly cedar, Jon creates his faces in many forms using only hand tools and his imagination. He works without patterns, allowing the wood to speak to him. His unique creations can be found in select locations throughout Maine, as well as in his home studio.

Jon is a retired US Army Soldier, having served over 21 years fighting for our country. Originally from Old Town, Maine, Jon fell in love with carving at a young age but did not pursue his passion until later in life. His "Camp Keepers" can be found around the world keeping camps, cottages and homes safe.

The popular "Camp Keepers" are available in a wide variety of sizes, from small wall hangings to table lamps to seven foot tall free standing figures. The "Path Keepers" series (walking sticks) are sometimes found with various embellishments, including sea glass, wood burning, beading and leather straps. Jon also creates beautiful free standing and wall hanging coat racks, some created with polished beach stones. If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, Jon is willing to design and create a custom work using your imaginative design.

Jon also does commissioned work on live trees throughout the State. Contact him directly for a quote and availability.