Regional Tourism Partners

About DownEast Acadia Regional Tourism

DART is a collaboration of entities that develop, manage, support, and promote the best natural, recreational, and cultural assets in Washington and Hancock Counties. Our goal is to strengthen the region’s reputation as an exemplary place to live, work, and play. We aim to provide international exposure for the region while supporting local initiatives and enabling local businesses to benefit as much as possible directly.

Members and Partners
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Economic Development Organizations
  • Educational Institutions
  • Municipalities
  • Professional Business Organizations
  • Conservation Organizations
  • Historical Societies
  • Business Owners
  • State Agencies
What DART Does
  • Coordinate with MOT on marketing strategies
  • Advocate for regional interests in tourism-related issues
  • Coordinate with organizations and other tourism regions
  • Promote sustainable tourism development
  • Create opportunities for collaboration, education, product development, and other programs

DART is the Maine Office of Tourism’s (MOT) officially designated Destination Marketing Organization for the region. Marketing and promotion funds come primarily from the Maine Tourism Marketing Partnership Program (MTMPP) through the Maine Office of Tourism (MOT), along with generous cash-match and in-kind donations from our members and partners.

Tourism Research and Resources

Visitor Surveys

Maine Office of Tourism regularly commissions seasonal surveys and analyses for all eight of Maine’s tourism regions.  A yearly report for the DART region provides information on economic impact, number of visitors, and activities enjoyed.


DART tracks Google Analytics trends from to prioritize website and visitor guide updates and inform the direction for marketing.  Analytics collected include:

  • Demographics and Geography
  • New vs. Returning users
  • Frequency, Duration, Recency, and Engagement
  • General Interest Affinities
  • Traffic Sources and Referral Channels
Visitor Information Tracking

DART receives over 15,000 requests for Visitor Guides and/or emails from and annually.  These requests provide essential information about where potential visitors live, their interests, and what areas of DownEast Acadia they intend to visit. Additionally, DART and MOT track attendance and brochure distribution at national and international trade shows.

Destination Development

Developing a healthy, sustainable destination is a long-term process that requires grassroots leaders and “doers” committed to moving their communities toward becoming a more cohesive, accessible, and unique experience for visitors. Successful destination development requires a strong community desire to improve communities and promote tourism and a qualified group of committed people willing to work together to learn tourism development strategies.

Read more about Destination Development as described by the Maine Office of Tourism.

Annual Marketing Plan

DART Positioning
  • DEA offers authentic engagement with the people and places of the region.
  • DEA offers visitors immersive educational experiences.
  • DEA embodies a sense of quiet relaxation.
  • DEA provides a connection with raw nature.
DART Goals
  • Increase the number and length of overnight trips to the region
  • Disperse visitors across all parts of the region to ensure economic benefit is realized and shared by all
  • Sustain the character, culture, and environment of the region
DART Objectives
  • Increase users on DownEast
  • Increase requests for information
  • Increase leisure travelers making overnight trips to DownEast Acadia
  • Increase visitors choosing DownEast Acadia as their primary destination in Maine
  • Increase younger travelers and families in the 25-45 age range
  • Maintain marketable overnight trips from consumers aged 45+
DART Tactics
  • Promote DownEast Acadia’s MOST unique regional assets via paid advertising (both print and digital), social media, email marketing, and an annual regional visitor guide.
  • Seek earned advertising opportunities through media tours, blog and social media special guests, photography and video by local artists, and Maine PR Partners
  • Assist in promoting local businesses through our regional marketing themes.
  • Engage more businesses in partnering through co-marketing and co-branding.
ROI Measurements
  • Sales tax numbers
  • Number of requests for information
  • Analytics for DownEast
  • MOT’s annual visitor research numbers
  • Social media metrics
  • Active engagement from businesses and organizations across the region
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