Fort O'Brien State Historic Site

Photo Credit: Bureau of Parks and Lands

Fort O'Brien State Historic Site

Fort O'Brien (Fort Machias) was active during three wars - the Revolution, the War of 1812 and the Civil War.

It was built in 1775. The first naval engagement of the Revolution was fought just off-shore. Soon afterwards, Britain's Royal Navy destroyed the fort. Fort O'Brien was refortified in 1777. That didn't stop the Royal Navy from returning and destroying it again during the War of 1812. Finally, in 1863, the fort got new earthworks for a battery of guns for the Civil War. Fort O'Brien's layout was altered several times during the 90 years it was active. But its importance in protecting the Machias River and its towns remained unchanged.

For more information, contact the Maine Department of Parks and Lands.

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