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Down East & Acadia has a rich and varied heritage with a wealth of historic sites and historic homes and museums reflecting the many faces of the region and the people who have lived and worked here.

Nearly every town has a historical society, several have historic districts and let's not forget our natural history. Many areas also have events celebrating their local history and heritage. Many sites are time capsules of our nation's history.

Glaciers and tides, explorers and traders, shipbuilders and sailors, soldiers and politicians, farmers and lightkeepers, hunters and fishermen, crafters and manufacturers, people born in the area and people born to the area - have shaped our region and have been shaped by it.

From the first French settlement in America to the Abnaki people who met them; from our victory over the British in Machias Bay during the first naval battle of the Revolutionary War to the British occupation of Castine and Eastport during and after the war of 1812; from the lumber barons and the lumber mills, to the masted schooners and canoes we built, and the lighthouses along the rocky coastline – all of these are part of our story.

History is here to discover. Come explore and make our story yours.

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