Ice Age Trail
Ice Age Trail

Maine's Ice Age Trail will take you through one of the finest and most accessible areas of glacial moraines, deltas and eskers. It is located along the coastal "Down East" section of Maine and follows the retreating margin of the last great North American continental glacier, called the Laurentide Ice Sheet. The trail consists of stops along highways and country roads. It will take you from the top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park, across the spectacular and remote sand barrens that are home to some of the nation's largest wild blueberry crops, and on to the easternmost tip of the United States.

You can visit many interested sites along the Ice Age Trail in an afternoon, or explore larger sections of the trail in a day or two. As you travel the Trail, please note that much of it crosses rural areas. There are few stores, gas stations or motels, except in the larger towns. The season may affect your experience; for instance, many of the blueberry barrens are quite busy during harvest times and some coastal sites are best viewed at low tide, but the trail can be explored year round.

(Maine's Ice Age Trail information, courtesy of Professor Harold Borns, Director, Maine Ice Age Trail Project)

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