The attraction of Lamoine for both the Native Americans and European settlers and visitors today was and is Lamoine's many coves. Early in the 19th century Lamoine was a major shipbuilding area and most travel to and from Lamoine was by boat. Later in the late 1800's Lamoine's fisheries were second only to Lubec's. It was named after an early resident Andre LeMoyne and was incorporated in 1870 (separating from Trenton). Marlboro became part of Lamoine in 1933.

With its beautiful state park and well-known beach with beautiful views of the coast and Acadia National Park the town of Lamoine offers a quiet respite for the visitor.

Known for spectacular views of Frenchman Bay and Mt. Desert Island, Lamoine is a bedroom community to Ellsworth and Bar Harbor with an active gravel mining industry. There are a couple of small boat building operations in town and a general store. (source)

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