Scenic Byways
Scenic Byways

The Acadia Byway loops through Acadia National Park with its spectacular vistas and you can even view it from the Island Explorer Bus.

The Schoodic Scenic Byway takes you around the Schoodic Peninsula through authentic coastal villages and near the Schoodic Section of Acadia National Park.

The Blackwoods Scenic Byway winds through mountains and along lakes from Franklin to Cherryfield and the Bold Coast Scenic Byway highlights the unique beauty and authenticity of our region of Maine.

There are also opportunities for walking or cycling such as along the East Coast Greenway  to savor some amazing scenery at a slower pace.  Or you can try out the Downeast Sunrise Trail. a multi-use trail, that will lead you through some breathtaking landscapes.

Whatever your preferred way of getting around -- be sure to incorporate some or all of these trails and byways in your itinerary -- for natural beauty at its best!

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