Shopping in DownEast Acadia is a blast! Our region has been home to communities of artisans and artists for generations, all proudly displaying their works for sale in a variety of venues—from shops lining many a downtown Main Street to individual homes, where an “open” flag lets you know it’s okay to knock on their door. Many times, you’ll even find crafts and jams and jellies parked in stands on the maker’s front lawn, with a “trust” jar for your purchase.

We have malls and big-box stores, too, for your everyday needs. But you’ll be far more enticed by the small-town country store, where you can get some toothpaste, grab a homemade donut, or explore shelves featuring locally made toys, perhaps, or bins of penny candy and products from our venerable craft tradition, such as woodwork, pottery, fiber and paper art, and stoneware.

Our region’s many boatbuilders often have a sideline of producing finely crafted boat models; an outgrowth of our large lobster industry is the weaving of colorful doormats using trap rope and delightful furniture using traps. You’ll find glass artists working their molten magic. Jewelers abound—perhaps you’d like a chunky necklace made of granite selected from our cobble beaches?

Shopping for food is an endless adventure. We produce everything blueberry and cranberry, straight from our fields and bogs—pie, candy, chutney, and more. Explore the Maine Beer Trail to purchase handcrafted brews. Pop into any of a dozen sweets shops for handmade chocolates.

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