Vacation Rentals

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Vacation Rentals

The vacation rental is another home-away-from-home experience. This category includes rentals of fully furnished houses, condos, or vacation cottages.

Like the cottage resort, the vacation rental provides an opportunity for families or friends to lodge together rather than in separate motel rooms; and they have all the amenities of your own home: a fully equipped kitchen, dining area, sleeping quarters, and private bath.

Enjoy fully furnished bedrooms with cozy linens and comforters, wake up to brew your own pot of coffee and get breakfast started for the gang, relax by the picture window or on the deck, and plan your day’s outings on a schedule that suits your convenience.

Vacation rentals often have more “character” than cottage resorts, since they reflect the personalities of their private owners and are frequently furnished with antique furnishings and regional memorabilia. Most have heat and are fully winterized. Rented on a weekly, monthly, or seasonal basis, this is a great way to get a home away for your vacation.

The variety of vacation rentals is astounding. You can find a rustic cabin on a quiet lake, a condo amidst the bustle of a harbor town, or a house in the middle of a coastal fishing village. Some are surrounded by expansive acreage or look out onto ocean views.

You’ll find properties close by any of your desired vacation activities, or you can rent one far from the beaten track.

Rentals are usually available on a weekly basis, although some allow for shorter stays. With the help of the region’s many brokerages, which have extensive listings, you’ll find the perfect rental set amidst your ideal vacation spot.

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