Winter Activities
Winter Activities

Winter in the DownEast Acadia is an altogether different experience. All of the wilderness and coastal scenes that you enjoyed during the busy “high season” are now carpeted in a soft blanket of snow. Your favorite recreational areas are less crowded; the air resonates with the sparkle of sun-lit snow crystals and the quiet of solitude.

In Acadia National Park, you can enjoy cross-country skiing or snowshoeing along freshly groomed trails. Our 120 miles of hiking trails are also wonderful for snowshoeing. There’s a bonus: The busy Park Loop Road is closed winters, offering miles of empty road to explore.

In Acadia and elsewhere along the coast, nothing can match the sight of sea smoke rising off a bay in soft tendrils, or sea ice gradually freezing up from coast to islands. Speaking of ice, we have everything from large lakes to local ponds, where residents love to gather for skating or ice fishing. If you see ice shacks on a lake, feel free to visit and see how it’s done: You might even be invited for a hot cuppa from the thermos! Ice climbers can enjoy the same seaside cliffs used by summer’s rock climbers: For the best experience, you should hire a guide and equipment.

You’ll find our wildlife is a bit sleepy in the winter, but the deer love to roam our fields, and bare tree branches make the snowy owls, eagles, and migratory birds easier to spot.

While our communities are quieter in the winter, they’re by no means closed. We have the same rich variety of in-town eateries and activities. Because locals have more time in the winter to stage community productions, there are even more opportunities for theater and music. At night, be sure to get the local flavor at our many year-round pubs!

The sugar covered landscapes of winter are breathtaking. Nothing can match the crystal clear silence of a winter morning or the sea smoke rising off a bay in soft tendrils. There is a special quality, not only to the scenery but also to the quieter pace of life. Winter's peace is incomparable. Whether you are snowshoeing, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, antiquing, ice-fishing or just enjoying the view from a cozy fireside chair, DownEast Acadia is a warm, welcoming place, even on the chilliest days.

Check out winter activities in Acadia National Park or do a search on the activity of your choice in our State Parks and Public Reserved Lands.

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